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Info on Us

Thank you for visiting Sentry Title Inc®. It doesn't matter if you are a mortgage lender, buyer, or seller, we are ready, willing and eager to serve you.  We are here to assist you and answer all of you questions from beginning to end. Unlike many title companies, we are available for closings to you and your customers Monday to Saturday from 8A - 10 P.

Sentry Title® knows that buying and selling property involves many intricacies that the consumer may find confusing. We strive to assist you, answering your questions and clearing up any issue so that your experience is as stress free as possible. If you are a mortgage lender, Sentry Title® is here to assist you in keeping your customers happy so that they will feel confident to return to you in the future, and refer other clients to you. We are here to provide your staff with all the support they need to make their jobs easier and stress free, including fast turn around times on delivering title commitments and providing payoff information and insurance endorsements. 

Given that each closing is different we offer you the assistance to walk through with your clients any questions that they might have.


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