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Pre-Closing Checklist

This list will help you keep on top of the many steps involved in the closing process. Feel free to print out this page.


 Critical Events
 Critical Dates
 Purchase contract signed
 Mortgage applied for
 First deposit due
 Date by which mortgage commitment is due
 Written notice to seller of mortgage acceptance
 Date by which buyer's inspection must be conducted
 Second deposit due
 Notice of problems identified during inspection (and cost estimate) due to seller
 Seller's response to buyer's notice of inspection due
 Date by which termite inspection must be completed
 Termite inspection ordered
 Termite damage repair cost estimate due to seller
 Title commitment due to lender and buyer
 Certificate of approval requested for condo/homeowners association
 Title examination
 Title insurance purchased
 Survey ordered (if not ordered by lender)
 Homeowners insurance purchased
 Estoppial or payoff letter (re-finance only)
 Closing date