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Purpose of Title Insurance

A title insurance policy is a contract of indeminification for loss by encumbrance, defects in the title, or invalidity, or adverse claim to the title to the real property that may occur prior to the effective date of the policy.

A title insurance policy covers only the legal rights being bought and sold. The name, interest, record evidence legal description, encumbrances, taxes, easements, restrictions, revertier, and the rights being bought and sold as described in the title insurance contract are obtained from a search and examination of the public records.

A title insurance policy provides financial indemnification against the lesser risks by determining the legal sufficiency of the title. Writing a title insurance policy is also legal work because each policy is a unique contract. Anyone buying a home needs title insurance for closing requirements and for their own peace of mind. Title insurance is the only method to insure you and your family security in a home investment.

Contact Sentry Title and know we professionally provide the services needed for title insurance and your peace of mind.


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