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Overview of Florida real estate contracts

When you find the house you want to call home, you'll make an offer by submitting what's called a "contract for purchase and sale" or "purchase and sale agreement." It's the blueprint for the entire transaction. Real estate agents often provide these.  He or she will make sure all the provisions are to your benefit, and will add or delete some if they're not. Remember, once the contract is signed, you're legally bound to the terms. The contract spells out the terms and conditions of the purchase-from the purchase price all the way down to who pays the utilities until you take possession of the house. However, don't think any pre-printed Florida real estate contract is written in stone. Rather, it's where you and the seller begin negotiating. And it's where your Florida real estate agent will be invaluable to you-offering advice that can save you hundreds, even thousands, of dollars down the road.