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Working For You

Buying a home can be a stressed filled experience for most people, even a seasoned veteran can feel anxiety during the process. While we can not alleviate all of the stress associated with purchasing your home we can help, by making our part of the process easier on you. It is our goal to be so fluid that you don't even notice us. While this is not always good for future referrals, it is great when it comes to the stress levels of our customers.

Sentry Title® is a full service title agency offering closings built around your schedule. You name the time and we will close your loan! Saturday at 2pm, no problem! Thursday at 9pm, no problem! We want your home purchasing experience to be the best you have ever had and we will help you in any way possible to make it just right for you. No more taking off work, no more waiting for a time convenient for the title agency, but not for you. It is our belief that when we do our job perfect you will never even notice us. This means that we provide a seamless transition from your real estate agent, to your mortgage company, to Sentry Title. 

If you are a first time home buyer check our information on negotiating and the various steps neccessary to buying your new home.  Click here to Learn about each step in Purchasing Your New Home .

A personal note from our owner:

It is our goal to have a 100% customer satisfaction rating, while we do realize that things can go wrong it is my goal, as well as the employee partners of Sentry Title® to assure you that we will always do everthing possible to make your purchasing experience the best it can be. If you ever feel that things aren't quite the way they should be, feel free to contact me personally on my cell phone, which is always on. I will be glad to work out any situation that you are concerned about. Your concerns are my concerns and that is my promise!


William Crawford 


Sentry Title, Inc.

813-713-3652 Cell




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